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TOPIC: moved, like a small crystal d

moved, like a small crystal d 3 months 22 hours ago #173739

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The faint light of the setting sun is shining weakly on the small river in the countryside. The shining river surface folds the light from the sun into a beautiful pleated skirt. Sitting on the big rock by the river for a long time, looking at Liu'er, who was about to germinate before the arrival of spring, I couldn't help but feel moved. I was moved to silence. Before the arrival of spring, the cold wind was still roaring, and the snowflakes were still flying. However, even in icy weather, the coldest moments can't be frozen, a slight touch in my heart. Touching will not be easily expressed. The expression it reveals is silent, quietly staying in the heart that has been hit by the wind and rain Newport Cigarettes, has experienced pain and suffering, and feels sad. It wept silently in its heart, and silently worried ... Only the purest, hottest, and kindest heart in the world could feel it-silent touch. Touching is pure praise. In the world, the most praise for things is touching. In a drama, a wonderful shot makes you moved and painfully runny, that is to say, in your heart, you praise this drama innocently, it is a successful work! Because, it moves you. Touched is also affirmation of people. When a person does a good thing that moves you, that is, you are in your heart, a positive evaluation of the person, your touch can also make the other person feel a little gratified. Touched is the source of love. Love requires energy, and the source of love is touched. There is no love without being touched. Family, friendship, love, which is not more intense, more innocent, more sincere under the touch? Family love is touched, friendship is touched, love is touched ... Love, then spread, love, further extended ... , Proving love Carton Of Cigarettes. Touched is a symbol of maturity. When the willow flickered in the spring breeze, when I learned to yell on the green branches, when the fallen leaves fluttered like butterflies, when the snowflakes wandered desolately in the air, I was moved. At that time, it means that you are mature, with your own turbulent thoughts and poetic melancholy mood and certain maturity. You understand, you understand, you are moved, the holy and flowing snowflakes will unconsciously fall from the long and confused sky, and fall on your heart, turning into a confused touch. Touched, it is colored. The touch of innocent people is transparent; the touch of passionate people is undulating; the touch of energetic people is green; the touch of sentimental people is pearly white; the touch of mature people is sky blue What is moved is a colorful touch, such as a clear and holy drop of spring water, but it cleans our dusty souls; moved, like a small crystal dew on green leaves, but dots us like crystals Life; moving, like a little flashing starlight, but igniting the fire of our hope for the future; moving, like a white cloud in the blue sky, but let us avoid the hot sun and give us a cool heart; friends Wholesale Cigarettes, cherish Impressed right now! It will make you understand everything!
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